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This page has cool stuff just for Camp Hobé kids—Mad Libs, poems, short stories, and other fun things—as well as information about how to register for camp.

Why We Love Camp Hobé

Teen Week

  • Psh….Everything –Amanda
  • What’s not to love! –Ashley
  • The food and kitchen staff! –Liz
  • The campers and staff and camp facilities. –Hope
  • Just being yourself with people who understand how you feel. It is very fun. –Allie
  • EVERYTHING! I love that I am so included and Schmatt is awesome. –Bayleigh
  • People being around who know what’s going on in our lives! –Unknown
  • The fantabulous counselors and friends!! –Joslyn
  • The friendships and memories we share. –Rachael
  • I love Camp Hobé because all the amazing people and all the amazing things we get to do. – Ashley
  • The most amazing kids in the world are here and I get to feel like one of them. That’s really special to me. –Unknown
  • The med staff –JJ
  • I second that –Henry
  • It is freaking amazing of course. –Becca
  • The RAIN. –Megan
  • Camp Hobé is awesome, I love Camp Hobé. –Unknown
  • I love Camp Hobé because it’s Camp Hobé. –Ciarra
  • Camp Hobé is the best, the teens are Awesome! –Cally
  • Pretty much everything. –Michelle
  • The Rain. –Unknown
  • Brandon & Dylan the awesome people in my cabin. –Tori
  • The Wood Elves don’t throw rocks at me when I’m at Hobé. – Dylan & Tori too…
  • I second that. –Devin
  • The food. –Kenna
  • I love Iced Stu. –Unknown
  • The Food. –Unknown
  • I just love it. – Tarzan
  • You get to be yourself!! –Heather
  • The people –Unknown
  • It All –Riley
  • Everything –Sparticus
  • I love the great food, counselors, and the activities like scuba! –Madi
  • Camp Hobé is an opportunity to get away from everything else and get a reward form being tough. I love Camp Hobé! –Unknown.
  • The dances. –Klint
  • Dylan, and Tori and Devin and Eathen on special occasions. –Brandon
Kids Week
  • Hyper Emerald Superheroes. –Unknown
  • Ladies !? –Unknown
  • The Food –Unknown
  • The swimming pool and field games –Unknown
  • CITs –Shane
  • Henna Tattoos the day before camp starts. –Unknown
  • The Rainbow Fairies –Unknown
  • I like the dance the best. –Unknown
  • I love camp! –Unknown
  • The great friends, food, counselors, and activities. Camp Hobé Rocks. –Matt
  • The dragon slayers. –Unknown
  • Crazy Lightening Super Heroes! –Unknown
  • Writing on the “what I like most about Camp Hobé” wall—a dream come true, right there. –Unknown
  • Nature. –Unknown
  • All the awesome kids. –Tyle
  • Making new friends!!! –Maddi
  • Everyone. –Unknown
  • Hanging out with the cabin G dudes! –Unknown
  • Skits. –Unknown
  • Everything, everything, everything. –Hawaiian Swimming Potatoes
  • La Casa de la Infirm. –Unknown
  • The Food. –Unknown
  • I love my cabin, counselors, CITs and all the activities. Basically everything! –Valerie
  • Elba –Unknown
  • The kids and Hobé forever. –Unknown
  • All the cute kids. –Unknown
  • I love hanging out with all my girlies in Cabin 16! –Maddie
  • Tanners Game –Unknown
  • The Periwinkle Glamour Dragons, they’re awesome!! –Unknown
  • The Gnarly Moons. –Unknown
  • The pool. –Unknown
  • My amazing campers. –Unknown
  • The dance and the girls. –Unknown
  • I love Hobé, I love everything. –Preslee
  • I love swimming and art! –Madeline
  • Iced Stu –Unknown
  • Cupcakes –Unknown
  • Everything –Unknown
  • Tie Dye –Jackie
  • The amazing people. –Cody
  • Because Camp Hobé campers are the best. –Unknown
  • The drums. –Byron
  • Chocolate milk and three meals a day. –Unknown
  • The carnival, dance, and the food!!! –Carson
  • Singing the camp songs. –Elphe
  • Warm campfires –Unknown
  • Making new friends. –Unknown
  • Music activities. –Melanie
  • When it’s not raining! –Unknown
  • The awesome cabin counselors. –Unknown
  • Sharing my time with so many amazing kids. –Karlene
  • Little funny experiences that make me laugh for years later. –Patrick
  • My awesome cabin—we had so much fun (and arts and crafts). –Alison
  • Everything and even counselors. –Courtney
  • All the Kool Kids. –Ireland
  • Dunk Tank. –Unknown
  • The dance and the girls! –Wyatt
  • Everything is awesome! –Caden
  • Archery. –Unknown
  • Everybody who helps to make Camp Hobé possible. –Savannah
  • Swimming and playing on the playground. –Makenna
  • Swimming and the camp fire. –Ashlee
  • Trying to dunk Kevin in the pool. –Hallie
  • I like swimming! –Natalie
  • The girls. –Kendra
  • Dancin is great. –Tiffanie
  • Field Games –Brennon
  • My counselor –Trace

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