Q: What medical facilities are available onsite?

A: The campsite has an onsite infirmary that is staffed by trained pediatric nurses and a prescriber (doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner). We provide medications and routine care during camp sessions. We offer our program to children and teens at all stages of treatment for cancer (and similar disorders), from newly-diagnosed to palliative care to post-therapy.

Q: Are there medical professionals at camp?

A: Yes. At least one prescriber (doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner) is onsite at all times.

A: Yes. Several oncology-trained or pediatric nurses are onsite at all times.

Q: Is the camp sponsored by PCH?

A: Yes. PCH provides medical support for Camp Hobé. The on-call residents are available to assist our medical volunteers with any emergencies or other medical situations.

Q: How far is the nearest hospital?

A: The campers are within 60 minutes of advanced medical care at all times.

A: Mountain West Medical Center in Tooele located 5-10 minutes away.

A: Primary Children’s Hospital is about 45 minutes away from the campsite by car.

Q: Do my kids need a physical examination before camp?

A: Yes, all campers must have a physical exam (or doctor visit) before they arrive at camp. We cannot complete physical exams at the campsite, for liability reasons.

A: All campers must have a physical exam before arriving at camp. Both patients and their siblings must have a physical exam every year. We require physical exams to be completed for patients within three (3) months of camp and for siblings within six (6) months of camp.

A: You will be able to access the camp physical form online once your family’s registrations are confirmed; or we can send you one by fax, email, or snail mail. Please plan ahead and contact your provider early about physical exams, to ensure that your campers may be seen prior to the start of camp.

Q: What if my child gets sick or hurt at camp?

A: We hope this does not happen. However, we want you to know if your child gets sick or hurt at camp. We will call you if your child has any injury or illness that requires off-site treatment, a new prescription medication, or more than six hours of observation in the Infirmary.

Q: My child is very sick. What are the medical requirements for them to attend camp?

A: Because our campers have special medical needs, we have set guidelines for when children may come to camp. These mostly apply to kids who are staying overnight without a caregiver (parent or guardian) on site. However, the camp medical staff make all final decisions. No campers (sibling or patient) may have any condition that might endanger the health, safety, or emotional well-being of other campers or volunteers. This includes disorders like apnea, poorly-controlled seizures, or other poorly-controlled medical conditions.

Additional requirements for patients include:

  • Not treated with intravenous (IV) antibiotics when checking in at camp
  • Not treated with total parenteral nutrition (TPN) or intravenous (IV) fluids when checking in at the campsite
  • Not treated with oxygen therapy when checking in at camp